Garden Loft

Garden Loft is a design of our own along with the renderings. With this project we wanted to explore and incorporate the Allegorithmic's tools Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

These are procedural texturing tools which let you create materials from scratch and are aligned with the new PBR standard, in fact were these guys who set the standard in the industry.

The implementation was a complete success for us as well as the project it self which had a great reach in the specialized media.

It was among the best set of images of the year 2016 on Ronen Beckerman's blog (you can look for us here) back when we still were Time Machine, and we also wrote an article on his blog. This project was in the image of the week and Best of CG Vertex as well.

We also had the pleasure to meet the guys at Allegorithmic whom interviwed us and posted a great article in their website (you can read it here).

We always strive to learn new tools and techniques because we love what we do and this way we can bring you yet a better service.

Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_43_CAM-02 (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_57_Perspective (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_60_CAM-01 (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_40_CAM-10 (0.775) (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_55_CAM-012 (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_55_PhysCamera001 (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_58_Perspective_close_up (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_58_CAM-05 (0;00;00;00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_56_PhysCamera002 (0-00-00-00)
Whola Lotta_Galpon_01_61_PhysCamera004 (0;00;00;00)