Serendipity is the result of many years of hard work, dedication and love for what we do: communicate architectural ideas. Tell stories about that which is yet to exist.


We have a vast experience in many areas of architectural visualization which includes real estate, design consulting, landscape design, interior design and also product visualization.

We are a team of architects who perfectly understand your ideas from conceptual design to technical representation and have the tools and knowledge to create compelling illustrations that will both evoque the viewer emotions and ultimately sell your product.

Victoria Álvarez


I studied architecture and on the way I discovered I loved furniture and objects… and details. When I came to the realization that cardboard and such wouldn’t help me to represent all the ideas in my head, I found 3d by pure serendipity and was forever smitten by it.

Now, I’m eager to start new projects and everything that they bring, new materials, new constructive details, different cities.

I am the lucky possessor of photographic memory and for my fellow friends in this field, I am the living encyclopedia of furniture and plants.

When I'm not working or thinking how to model everything around me, I like to listen to music, mainly jazz, watch series, do yoga and meditate.

Oh, and last but not least… I'm on team Superman.

Gastón Suárez-Pastor



I consider myself to be a technical artist as I am always studying new software and techniques to bring into our everyday work, always looking into the best way to do our stuff. I am fascinated by nature and science and most of my inspiration comes from them.

I educate my artistic eye through photography trying to capture those common everyday things in a new fascinating way.

Astronomy and music are the final ingredient to this half artist half technician of 3d.

I enjoy red wine, videogames and staring at the night sky... but mostly red wine.

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