Unreal Engine 4 architecture demo

This is some experiment we've been doing with Unreal Engine 4 to try and see whether or not it is an option to the traditional rendering methods. We must say it IS. You can achieve quite impressive levels of realism in very little time and with minimal effort, all of this considering we are completely inexperienced with the engine. Also these images have very little to none postprocessing

This was the worst case scenario to create a demo, since it involved exteriors, vegetation (which is quite difficult to control) and a model that wasn't created for real time in mind AT ALL.

This, as a demo, is quite unfinished actually but it was more than enough to let us see what the engine can do and what it has to offer. We can say quite surely, that real time rendering with Unreal Engine 4 for arch-viz is definitely going to play a huge part of our workflow.

There is for sure a huge difference between a static image, an animation, and an interactive space in which you can walk around and contemplate.


A couple more tweaks and we will make available the demo for you to test how well (or bad) it runs in your PC. We tested it on a FX8350 with a 780ti and it never dropped below 30fps.