What we do when we are not doing archviz...

Of course we love architecture but it isn't the only thing we love. We like to put details and our own craftmanship in every project we do, like modelling furniture, trees, and every kind of objects.

This helps us keep and improve our skills over various differents tasks and topics inside the 3d realm. We are fans of funiture so we model some of it from time to time.

In the case of landscape design, area in which we have a lot of projects, we model and texture our own plants since clients have very specific requeriments.

One very special thing here is SciFi, so modeling robots, spaceships and every kind of weird stuff is quite a hobby for us. We even did some commercial projects for TV adds like for example texturing on the space suit guy.

So, come inside and take a look. Remember to come back every once in a while to see something new...


VTOL - Vertical take off and landing vehicle


Some cool water simulation

Space suit guy

MA-01 Robot